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strong protections for workers and consumers and the environment. while we are talking about markets, we are looking at the biggest marketing world. some people try to grab it. imagine this. the market that created the great wealth of the united states in which every single income earners saw the income go up in the 1990s and created unprecedented wealth, more wealth than what was ever created, much more wealth created in the 1990s. that was a $1 trillion market. the global energy market is a $6 trillion market. it will climb to some where around 6 billion or more users. this is the most incredible market ever and the solution to climate change. we will fight to stay at the forefront of this energy market. we will recognize that it has the benefits of climate change as well as the marketplace. we will develop clean technologies that will empower the world and protect our environment at the same time. we are on pace to become the largest oil reducer by 2020. the largest oil producer in the world. that gives us the promise of alternative fuels come including shale gas. we will become fully
are in the national security environment here in the u.s., if you work at dod, at the cia, when you get up in the morning, the primary thing you're thinking about is whether or not there's going to be a terrorist attack and what you can do that day to prevent it. it is dominating aspect of our national security policy as well it should be. for all the challenges we have for trying to work the relationships with russia, with china, the asia pivot, latin america and elsewhere, the number one thing on our minds is protecting this country, and the number one threat to that is terrorists, al-qaeda and their various offshoots. so we have to fight that war. you know, and one of the best ways to fight that war is, basically, to get them before they get us. and that involves military action of one with kind or another. now, the second thing that we've been trying to accomplish both president bush and president obama have tried to figure out how to do this is to win the broader ideological struggle. basically, to stop people in the muslim world from wanting to join organizations like al-qaeda, to fi
. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind. >>> missile falls from the sky killing a grandmother and nearly killing her two grandchildren, not because of what they did, but who they were possibly near. that's the tragedy that lawmakers heard today in this unprecedented meeting here on capitol hill. for the very first time, member of congress heard from two reported survivors of a drone attack in pakistan one year ago this week. these survivors, and here they are, these are children of a primary schoolteacher whose story is featured in a documentary released tomorrow. it's called "unmanned: america's drone wars." a clip of that was played during today's briefing. then the boy and the girl described the day they say a drone nearly killed them. >> translator: everything was dark and i couldn't see anything, but i heard a scream. i don't know if it was my grandmother, but i couldn't see her. i was very scared and all i could think of doing was just run. i kept running, but
as it creates rules that will override domestic laws on the environment, workplace safety, and investment. corporate lobbyists already are lining up in washington to ram the agreement through once the white house hurries it out of the delivery room. how do we know this? because some vigilant independent watchdogs are tracking the negotiations with sources they trust, and two are with me now. yves smith is an expert on investment banking and the founder of aurora advisers, a new york based management consulting firm. she runs the "naked capitalism" blog, a go-to site for information and insight on the business and ethics of finance. dean baker is co-director of the progressive center for economic and policy research in washington, dc. he's been a senior economist at the economic policy institute and a consultant to congress and the world bank. i rarely miss his blog, "beat the press," and i'm a regular reader of his column in the "guardian" newspaper. when i'm saying "directly involved," essentially the industry groups. so it's not as though we've brought the environmentalists there to tal
have not understood is not an environment profit. it's no way he'll can prove that will define whether you will get economic woes in the future and the story is that to realize this. the backpack so that some uphill battles the dow also some undercurrents click on each instance getting more more into the quarry economics teaching and that gets me quite some time to look for a moment that a report prepared by a false bank appetite which is some sometimes surprising consequences of climate change and this comes from switzerland three hundred thousand acres the tories have long made it to l a treat to see the aaa team in the swiss alps. it seemed to sustain it and reduce the rate in two thousand and four to make out the bbc highest number in the cities to sit and assessed by the us is the time we come here became a lost and found a sunny beautiful and wanted to come again. david vulcan he's also making. he's going up the mountain but for different reasons the scientists has been studying the rapid loss of licence with swans alpine region to treat the npt to refine kids eat use to exchang
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. basically said, i'm going to kill you. and the player felt he wasn't safe in his work environment. so to call somebody soft because they don't feel safe, you know, that -- you just really can't comprehend why people who actually think that way, unless it was them actually being bull bullied i'm sure they would feel differently. >> incognito was voted an agitator since 2009 he has been a dirty player, oftentimes on opposing teams. what personality traits do bullies possess and what do they zero in on their victims? >> in terms of personality traits to be honest, you probably don't find many specific personalty traits that will differentiate a bully from just your typical aggressive football player. you know in terms of why somebody might act that way, they might look for weakness in another player. obviously, in richie's situation he was a veteran player and again it's not uncommon for veterans to give the rookieless a hard time. -- rookies a hard time. jonathan is not a rookie, he's actually in his second year. so why was he continuing to berate this guy in his second year? that's to
, and environment, and more apabilities. it will be even harder for us to fix the problems that they will be causing us. so facing terror, ladies and gentlemen, is not only about ilitary force. of course military force is important. security forces are at the forefront of this battle. the developing of capabilities. destroying all this is necessary, but not enough. we need a sound structure. if there is a division within he socio-political structure, this allows for al qaeda errorist to develop. we are working on containing al -- al qaeda in iraq by enhancing social peace and finding constitutional solutions to our problems. of course we have problems in iraq. it is a new democratic regime. many other democracies way older than ours are still facing problems. these problems are under control through the constitution. we may get angry, but eventually we reach a solution that is constitutional and that is adaptable. this is what you always see. you will hear voices, angry, differences. eventually we reach an agreement. internally, as we are preparing to fight terror at the military level, getting weap
's the point of his old saying. business is business. [laughter] workers have rights. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap we have an old saying in america. is this is business except when it isn't. [laughter] it was the best i could do. in -- much.ry much [applause] >> looking at our primetime schedules, starting at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span, another chance to see michigan senator carl levin discussing afghan policy after his recent trip to that country. on c-span two, more arguments from the d c circuit court of appeals on contraceptive coverage and religious coverage. and on c-span three, the mother of trayvon martin discusses on capitol hill about stand your ground laws. a tough time for an essay, when everyone says what are you doing or why are you doing it? this is what we do, when we get we actually say, it is much more important for this defend this we nation, and take the beatings, then it is to give up the program that would result in this nation being attacked. we would rather be here in front of you today, telling
organization. we are working in a very highly political environment. now i will stop and be happy to converse with michael. thank you very much. >> it is an honor and privilege for me to be hosting mr. amano, one of the first people i interviewed when he was japan's ambassador just over a decade ago. we have remained friendly since then. he has stamped iaea with his own style, one of talking and calling it like it is. in that spirit, i hope we can have a good session with my questions and with the audience's. this meeting which you had with the iranian deputy foreign minister, and then there was a meeting of the two sides. the atmosphere of the talks, you said, was better. the question is, when will we see concrete progress, such as a visit to the site? >> we had that meeting with iran on the 28th and 29th of october. this is the second meeting between iran and iaea after mr. rouhani became president. the first one took place at the end of september. it was a get to know each other meeting. the last meeting was a very political meeting. it was productive, and there was some positive developme
. the environment has rights. and he's telling me we have an old saying, business is business cap go -- is business? >> we have an old saying, , except is business with business. [laughter] [applause] >> today on c-span, newspaper headlines and stories. live on "washington journal" followed by testimony from intelligence officials on national security agency intelligence and surveillance programs. later, a hearing on the september shooting at the washington navy yard. >> reinforcing her reputation as a silent partner, she once was asked about her role as first lady and replied through a secretary, no comment. watch today at 11:00 a.m. on c-span. monday night our series continues. >> i was surrounded by a few of the items that kept her on the 10 best-dressed list. she worked with molly for her day outfits and this is what she wore to the st. lawrence seaway where they met prince phillip. another custom designed address is -- dress is a printed cotton fabric with many of the thousands the eisenhowers lived in during their marriage and includes the five stars for general eisenhower. she was very fond
around someone saying, "come with me." teens who reach out to teens can foster a bias free environment. >> big day in boston, a lot to celebrate. darren haynes is here with the sports. >> after the red sox won its third series title in 10 years, today's parade held a different region - a time where trag di became triumph in boston. for the first time thousands of fans lined the city. parades started at fenway park and ended at the charles river. the red sox beat the st louis cardinals in six games to win a world title. >> the flyers lost 7-0 to the capitals. two goalies fought. they got into it in a game that featured 114 penalty minutes. >> and denver broncos head coach was hospitalized after feeling light-headed. fox was on a golf course, and was taken to a charlotte hospital. the broncos released a statement saying that fox did not preerns heart attack symptoms. the broncos are on their bye this week. stereo still ahead on al jazeera america. more on the u.s. drone strike that killed the head of taliban and pakistan. pakistan said the strike compromised peace talks. more on the thr
work tout teens can foster a bias free environment. sf >> hunger is on a lot of people's minds following the cuts to the food program. sculptures are being made from donated food. architects and students are competing to collect the best sculptures, and they are hoping to collect 9,000 pounds of non-perishable goods to hand out. all righty. time for sport with darren hayes. a little health concern with the head coach of denver. >> john fox was hospitalized after feeling light-headed. fox was on a golf course when he experienced symptoms and was taken to a hospital. the broncos released a statement saying fox did not experience heart attack symptoms. they are on a bye this week. >> after the red sox won their title, their parade was a time when tragedy became triumph. for the first time since the boston marathon, thousands lined the streets. it started from the green monster at fenway park, and ended at charles river. >> englands premier league stoke city's goalkeeper did something rarely seen - watch his back pass go down the field, cash wind and bounce high over south hamp ton
of the foreign service with an impeccable reputation. logan: and in that environment you were asking for more security assets and you were not getting them? >> hicks: that's right. >> logan: did you fight that? >> hicks: i was in the process of trying to frame a third request, but it was not allowed to go forward. >> logan: so why didn't you get the help that you needed and that you asked for? >> hicks: i really, really don't know. i, in fact, would like to know that... the answer to that question. >> logan: in the months prior to the attack, ambassador stevens approved a series of detailed cables to washington, specifically mentioning, among other things, "the al qaeda flag has been spotted several times flying over government buildings." when the attack began on the evening of september 11, ambassador stevens immediately called greg hicks, who was back in tripoli. >> hicks: ambassador said that the consulate's under attack. and then the line cut. >> logan: do you remember the sound of his voice? >> hicks: oh yeah, it's indelibly imprinted on my mind. >> logan: how did he sound? >> hicks: he
. >> reporter: john now works in an environment where he's surrounded by food, the vice- president have programs here at the maryland food bank oversaw the diswiewtion -- distribution of 34 million pounds of food. the cuts in the program threatens to we out programs like this. >> the food has been distributed to people in need. it e question lents to $5 million. it erases the whole year. it's almost like we didn't do anything this year. >> reporter: the council impacts soup kitchens, shelters and emergency shelters, at a time when they're already operating at capacity. they're anticipating more cuts a congress prepares to take on the on going budget woes. >> at one time feeding the hungry wasn't a partisan issue. all of a sudden now current trends in washington is turning into a partisan issue and i think that's the problem. >> reporter: it appears the food bank will have to rely on more donations and volunteers, but it admits it may no longer be possible. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> hunger advocates say lost in all this is the fact that children and the elderly are the main people served by food
memory. we are in an environment when the next thing happens, everybody jumps on to the next thing. it depends whether more allegations come out. that's really going to be the primary determining factor and whether or not the president forcefully steps up and says look, this is what we're going to do to rectify this, which i think he will. >> hopefully the president's listening to you this morning and will do that. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> mitt romney is slamming president obama over the affordable care act. the former republican presidential candidate said he's unhappy about how the president is comparing the rollout of the federal plan with a similar law he signed as governor of massachusetts. >> in massachusetts, we phased in the requirements so that there was a slow rollout. that way you could test the systems as you went looking for glitches. perhaps the most important lesson the president failed to learn was you have to tell the american people the truth. when you told the american people that you could keep your health insurance if you wanted to keep that p
in a peaceful environment and complete their education. now they live in fear, constant fear. i'm aware pakistani and american government may be aware of these drones happening and i feel the pakistani government has failed me because i'm a citizen of that country. as a citizen, their duty is to protect me. i feel a bit neglected. obviously i just don't understand that. but what i do want is that these two governments find a way to bring peace in my neighborhood, either by discussion and ending these drones so we don't have to live in fear any longer. >> jennifer, i'd like to ask you a question. in terms of this conversational void to let this family tell their story which is highly underdiscussed in terms of the casualties from these drone strikes, do you expect the u.s. government -- how optimistic are you this policy can change. this policy of drone strikes seem to be working quite well for parts of the counter-terrorism community. what's your feeling now that the family has been in the united states and told this story? >> i think we're very optimistic. we're optimistic if you put a
:oakland fire battalion chief lisa baker >> environment and there is only one way in and one way outwe had some cars that actually tried to turn around and go out" >> reporter:once the fire started the tunnel quickly filled with smokeimpacting 8 people who needed medical attentionsays chp officer daniel hill >>"there were no injuries in this situationchildren that were in the tunnel at the time" >> reporter:the driver of the burned vehicle also made it out safely >>"it was scary yeah" oakland and orinda fire fighters teamed up to battle the blazewhich burned for about 30minutes before it was tottaly extinguished >> reporter:fans inside the tunnel were activatedblowing the smoke out clearing the air for driversmany of whom were stuck in stand still traffic for nearly 2- hoursbefore the eastbound lanes were reopenthe cause of the car fire is still under investigationoutside the caldecott tunnel on hwy 24 haaziq madyun kron4news >> catherine: our team coverage continues now with a look at the big traffic back-up that followed. we have video from our helicopterartnership with abc 7. the eastbound l
of barriers you can then start to create a positive environment and people are going to go out and start buying. when you reduce the interest rates which we have right now you will have a lot of financing. additionally you see a lot of people have more money in their pockets. the stock market has risen and people have more money and they have waited to buy. they are out there buying right now. this is a great time to be a car dealer. >> it is the end of the year and your paychecks are fatter and more money to spend on perhaps a new, shiny car. >> that's something people forget. people contribute to their 40 1k plan throughout the year, which they should. if they max out on their contributions for the year, when that happens they will have a little more money in the paycheck. people are feeling better around the holiday season and start looking and see low interest rates. lower interest rates for financing. they are seeing demand and want to see the new models and go out and buy them. this again is a great time for that. unfortunately we have a lot of barriers in the rest of the economy.
for leaders like tom, whether the environment, the media, the way districts are drawn, the pressures that those of us in elected office are under somehow preclude the possibility of that brand of leadership. well, i believe we have to find our way back there. now, more than ever. america needs public servants who are willing to place problem-solving ahead of politics. as the letter that president clinton held up indicates, the history of the crime bill shows. we are sent here to do what is right. sometimes, doing what is right is hard. it is not free. and yet, that is the measure of leadership. it is important for us who feel the responsibility to fight for a cause, to recognize our cause is not advanced if we cannot also try to achieve compromise. the same way our founders sought it as a vital part of our democracy. the very thing that makes our system of self-government possible. that is what tom foley believed. that is what he embodied. that is the legacy that shines brightly today. on the last day he presided as speaker, he described what it should feel like to serve the american
an environment of economic growth and stability within the marketplace. we applaud them for the inclusiveness he had shown our industry during the rulemaking process. our speakers understand the importance of coordination and input from policy leaders, consumer advocates, and industry professionals. it gives me great pleasure to introduce our first honored guest. on august 20 5, 2 thousand nine, president obama designated edward demarco the director of the federal housing agency. previously, he served as the officer sinceputy careereption in 2008. a civil servant, he joined the office of federal housing enterprise oversight and into thousand six as the chief operating officer and deputy director. years, mbapast four and its members have enjoyed an open and collaborative relationship with fhsa. we hope this collaboration continues into the future. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the acting director, ed dimarco -- demarco. [applause] >> ♪ >> good morning, everyone. thank you for inviting me to speak this morning. byould like to start congratulating the mortgage bankers association on the 10
plan to drill and protect the environment. aljazeera continues. we're back with with you in two and a half minutes. >> kathleen sebelius on the health care hot seat. all eyes will be on her as she gets set to defend the affordable care act and its problem-plagued website. >> there has not been a mass casualty in the u.s. since 2001. that's not by luck. >> the head of the n.s.a. die i, saying the gathering of intelligence around the world is not only critical, it helps keep americans safe from terrorists. >> a new crisis in sir yes, children testing positive for polio. the latest outbreak could be the tip of iceberg. >> a bus crash in india, police searching for the company's owners. >> fireworks are expected an hour from now on capitol hill when health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius will appear before a house committee. that committee is looking into problems with the rollout of the affordable care website. she was optimistic in the weeks leading up to the launch. >> we're on track to have the marketplace up and running on october 1 and i'm confident that we will
-of-the-art and has stayed state-of-the-art technology, but in an environment like los angeles, these are a thing of the past. there's no way politically or even room wise that we could ever build another landfill like this in a setting like this. >> which is why this place becomes even more important. this is a massive recycling center that will continue to operate. from sorting to stacking, plastic, paper, cans, all set to be recycled. hopes is more centers like this one will be the future, and landfills like this one will be the past. >> when you look at what we're doing and where this industry's going to go, these are dinosaurs. still, the trash that's been coming every day for the past 60 plus years has to go somewhere. eventually, it will all be trucked some 200 miles away to blythe, california. >> doesn't the crash then just become another neighborhood's problem? doesn't the whole idea of not in my back yard just proof from this community to another community? >> absolutely, and unfortunately, the way those types of decisions are made, it follows the path of least resistance. >> when landf
. they have the role of investigating crimes. in today's threat environment some expectations of preventing attacks as well. and george, you mentioned there's a cognizant effort to try to do it within the realm of protecting civil liberty. there's a history of cases where some of those have been abused and so checks are put in place. i would like that ask you, your perspective on where those checks are effective or where you might have some concerns. sure. i mean, there are a lot of checks nut place and obviously some less effective than others. i think with the nsa programs we're seeing a lot of checks that are proven ineffective. traditionally, there's the -- a warrant requirement set up no warrant shall issue but on probably cause. a requirement of individualized suspicious before private information is gathered. and the shift to a more universal collection mechanism requires the bypassing. so whether that's through the bulk warrant that issue through fisa courts or through programs that gather large amount of data outside any kind of warnlt. -- warrant. but that model seems to be an ine
environment with only one way in and one way out we had car striking turnaround appeared >> that once the fire started to tumble quickly filled with smoke there were eight people who needed immediate medical attention. >> the all of it we see people being transported for right now is for smoke inhalation. >> a lot of the people were trans purported or younger people and children. >> the driver made it out safely. >> oakland and her rendered fared first teamed up to battle the blaze which are burned about 30 minutes before it was totally extinguished. >> drivers were stuck in a standstill traffic for about two hours. >> coming up on kron4 news weekend we will look at your forecast. >> stay with us back after the break on kron4 weekend news. welcome back the time is 5:00 pm. >> it is that time of year again-that time to fall back. most americans will be able to get an extra hour sleep this weekend thanks to the annual daylight savings. >> the change officially happens at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning best-so make sure to set your clocks back one hour before heading to bed saturday night. residents of
-parents agree that teens reaching out to teens can best foster a bias free environment. >> the suggestion of paying for an organ don ag, it's cav yam. a study shows if people were offered $10,000 for a kidney it may be more cost effective leading to longer lives for the patient, cutting the need for donor ors gans. 18 people every day are waiting for an organ transplant. 2,000 names are odded to the lists every month. paying kidney donors $5,000 would threat to an increase in the list. if kiddy donations rose 20% it would rise to $40,000. >> joining us to discuss this is a doctor in calgary. thank you for your time, we appreciate it. >> how dire is the need for kidney donations? >> it's at a critical stage. more people are coming down with rehn although disease. the supply of kidneys is not meeting the demand. patients on dial sis have a poor quality of life and the survival is not as good as transplant. why has the supply changed? >> that's a difficult kevin to answer. end stage renal disease has several causes. one could be diabetes. people are living longer as well. >> ill dial sis hel
acquisition not just likely, but certain. theiggest concern is that unintentional environment is a bit this ingenuous. >> how would you correct that? >> there are a couple of possibilities. they all get to the same place. one is, not to allow the government to file for a directive if they have reason to believe that a certain percentage of the intercepted mutations will actually involve u.s. persons. one is to not just require those requirement, but what those requirements are. the threshold issue is that it is just too likely that communications are being accidentally picked up, or it incidentally picked up even when the government cannot go back -- go after them. they need to scale that back. professor, did i hear you correctly to say that you do not think section 702 bears the weight that has been put upon it in terms of authorizing the bulk collection program? did i catch that? referring to section 215. >> yes, section 215. that is your view? on the understanding of the current statute, i can say that when the news was disclosed that the bulk collection program had been authorized
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you, mr. chairman. as a member of the sustainible energy and environment coalition and the safe climate caucus, i rise to call for urgent congressional action on climate change. we must follow the examples of my home state of california, washington, oregon, british columbia. these leaders have come together -- they came together monday and signed the pacific coast action plan on climate and energy. the action plan will help them collectively reduce carbon pollution and greenhouse gas emissions which will not only help the environment but it will also help public health and strengthen our economy. this is a small but significant step to act on climate change. these leaders have taken these important steps because they know the consequences of inaction. they recognize that the effects of climate change cross borders freely. republicans and democrats should follow this good example of action and our leadership should move forward to combat climate change. i, too, want to give my sympathy and my prayers at the loss of a great leader, chairman ike skelton, and i know on behalf of my
environment. >> they can tolerate radio interference from electronic devices. it's up to each airline to come up with faa approval. by the end of the year, we should be able to use electronic devices from take off to landing, but in the airplane mode. delta says it's ready. >> anything you can hold on to, e-readers and tablets can be e used gate-to-gate. >> stan was multitasking waiting to fly home. >> i tell people to power them down. because people say 16,000, whatever the number is, is safe. >> reporter: this is good news for you? >> great news. >> reporter: you don't have to be a cop anymore. >> don't need to be a cop. >> reporter: you will be allowed to connect to the plane's wi-fi system that the airlines charge for. >> have you had other customers tell you to power down? >> never. >> i have seen it once or twice. >> i have a son who is not a good traveler. we had thomas the train on at the last moment. itis not wi-fi, it's a video. some rude lady two rows behind said power down. i said well the alternative really isn't good. >> exactly. all right. >> i have a better story. my better
contentious environment after news reports surfaced that martin bullying and suffering mental distress the coach read another statement on friday saying bullying won't be tolerated. >> we have a culture of team first and accountability andd respect for one another. >> reporter: players and sports reporters say hazing and practical jokes in football locker rooms are commonplace. adam beasley of the miami herald says martin's response is highly unusual. >> it's against the cardinal rule you cannot leave your teammates particularly in the season. >> reporter: but a doctor, a psychiatrist, says bullizing a serious matter, not just limited to children. >> it doesn't matter how big you are and it doesn't matter how tough you are. emotionally, anybody can be bullies. >> reporter: the nfl players association is now reportedly reviewing the martin incident and considers it a major priority. for "today," mark potter, nbc news, miami. >>> now here is lester. >> thanks. >>> forget black friday. one of the nation's lars retailers says the time to start your holiday shopping is now or even yesterday
, there's a nagging feeling of dred trig triggered by the current polarized environment. a poll finds 70% of americans believe this country is headed in the wrong direction. a new book titled "the longest road" explores that in fascinating detail and asks a critical question. what keeps this united states of america together? joining me now, philip caput toe, are author of the book. talk about what you did covering 16,000 plus miles. what did you say it was 16241. >> 16,241 that's right. >> you went from florida to alaska. what was the impulse that drove you into making this road trip? was it a sense of adventure or something deeper than that. >> it was definitely a sense of adventure and the sheer romance of traveling from the southern-most point in the united states to the northern most point that you can reach by road. which is dead horse, alaska on the shores of the arctic ocean. but i was also curious at the time this 2011 in the wake of the 2010 elections, what was uniting or disuniting the country and i wanted to talk to ordinary americans about that, and interview the 83 of them
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a congress that for 45 sometimes voted against that legislation and created a toxic environment where improvements cannot be made and discussions cannot be held. >> so do you think republicans in congress responsible for obama care -- >> absolutely non. it's proven itself to be so malfunctional, tucker, even something as basic as the website. remember, the president, the eve of the october 1st deadline came out and said the obama care website would be like amazon or to buy a toaster oven. the reality is this president has created a dynamic in his white house at which no one is accountable for mistakes. so when they happen, they blame the right punish been now this is the difference even coming from the left. >> only six people have been able to sign on to kayak for the last six weeks. >> so the republicans have launched an investigation into google. >> gentlemen, thank you very much. >>> on next up, the moment a flight turned into the most emotional flights of their lives to find out a fallen american hero was on board with them. >>> also, a school now separating kids based on the gra
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